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 IMPORTANT NOTE: A Battlegrounds Kickstarter campaign is currently underway, during which many Battlegrounds products are being offered at a discounted price. Please consider supporting the Kickstarter campaign rather than purchasing here in order to save some money, if you don’t mind waiting for the campaign to end before receiving your product/s.

NEW! BRPG and BGE are now also available via subscription, if you do not wish to purchase a license. See my Patreon campaign for details.

Folks who would like to purchase BRPG but are for some reason averse to using PayPal should check out the BG Store on Sellfy.

BRPG Software Licenses

 BGE Software Licenses

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LZW's Battlemap Bundle 1
A bundle of exquisitely detailed battlemaps from Lord Zsezse Works.

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 Game Boxes

The Search for the Emperor's Treasure
A charming, tongue-in-cheek fantasy boardgame for two to eight players. Competitive, with a 'take that' component. Also the lowest-priced Game Box in the Store.
Note that most Game Boxes (with the exception of Intruder) are also available in BRPG-specific versions. They’ve been omitted from the Store to avoid clutter and redundancy, but contact me if you wish to purchase them.

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Ravenlands Map Pack Bundle
Maps 1 through 8 of the Ravenlands series of exquisitely detailed and interconnected maps. Includes 8 Fog of War Overlays.

Note that Artpacks and Game Boxes are only usable with BRPG or BGE, and that Adventures will only work in BRPG. They will not work with other virtual tabletop software.

If in doubt of what you wish to buy, please see the Licenses page for the software in question, which explains what each product’s features and limitations are. Or feel free to ask questions on the Forums.

Before purchasing a Battlegrounds software license, please download and try the free Demo to ensure that the software works on your computer and with your particular network setup. And please do not ask for a refund on a program for which there is a fully-functioning, non-expiring, free Demo available for evaluation prior to purchase. There will be occasional exceptions, but as a general rule, assume that all sales are final.

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