Feature List for BRPG

BRPG Features.001
BRPG Features.002
BRPG Features.003
BRPG Features.004
BRPG Features.005
BRPG Features.006
BRPG Features.007
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BRPG Features.009
BRPG Features.010
BRPG Features.011
BRPG Features.012
BRPG Features.013
BRPG Features.014
BRPG Features.015
BRPG Features.016
BRPG Features.017
BRPG Features.018
BRPG Features.019
BRPG Features.020
BRPG Features.021
BRPG Features.022
BRPG Features.023
BRPG Features.024
BRPG Features.025
BRPG Features.026
BRPG Features.027
BRPG Features.028
BRPG Features.029
BRPG Features.030
BRPG Features.031
BRPG Features.032
BRPG Features.033
BRPG Features.034
BRPG Features.035
BRPG Features.036
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If you’ve read all the slides and made it this far, then you can see that BRPG is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your roleplaying games. Note that the above list is not comprehensive; if it were, few people would have the patience to read the entire list.

Want to test-drive BRPG for yourself? Download the free, full-featured Demo, which is available on the Downloads page.

Oh, and be sure to tell all your gamer friends about BRPG (you’ll get the most out of the software if every player has a copy).