BRPG in a Nutshell


Battlegrounds: RPG Edition (aka BRPG) is virtual tabletop software designed to enhance your pen-and-paper roleplaying games, whether your players are in the same room, or on the other side of the world. Go beyond rough, hastily-sketched maps on a plastic battlemat, and bring your games into the 21st century with this “digital battlemat”.

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Cross-platform (Windows & Mac OS X)
  • Supports play in any genre, with any RPG rules system
  • In addition to RPGs, Battlegrounds can also be used to play many boardgames & wargames
  • The perfect solution for gaming groups where one or more members have moved away
  • Full-screen maps, high-resolution tokens, and a user interface that hides away when you don’t need it, to avoid on-screen clutter and heighten the immersion factor
  • Easily add your own artwork and maps to the program
  • Display visual aids and play music or sound effects to enhance the mood
  • Dynamic Fog-of-War feature automatically reveals the map as the party explores, taking into account light sources and any special vision the characters may have
  • An incredibly-powerful dice roller that supports most RPG game mechanics, yet requires absolutely no scripting
  • Built-in text chat with support for group or private chat, in-character and out-of-character chat, chat aliases, chat macros, an exportable Chat Log, and more
  • A highly-configurable Turn Sequencer ensures that everyone always knows whose turn it is (or if their turn is coming up), and also keeps track of important character stats
  • Support for card decks, including custom card deck creation
  • A token-swapping feature lets you easily switch token poses (standing, prone, mounted, etc), or “flip” virtual counters
  • Pop-up character portraits, range measuring, a full assortment of drawing tools, and much more round out the feature set
  • Ideal for use with a projector or HDTV in face-to-face game sessions
  • Use Battlegrounds to generate awesome visuals for your play-by-post or play-by-email games
  • If you already use a mapping program like Dundjinni or Campaign Cartographer, you can save time and money by not having to print out your large, full-color battlemaps
  • A developer who listens to user feedback, and a helpful, friendly, and rapidly-growing user community
  • A free, full-featured Demo is available for download, so you can try out the software before you buy
  • Many free artpacks are available for download, and commercial artpacks are available to further enhance your games
  • Many free digital game conversions are available for download, and a growing selection of commercial Game Boxes are also available

Battlegrounds: RPG Edition is the tool that GMs and players have long been waiting for. One that can bring your games to new heights of excitement and realism.

Check out the teaser trailer for BRPG if you haven’t already!

Note: If you are confused about the difference between BRPG and BGE, please read this forum thread.

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