Devin Night’s Tokens 10-Pack Bundle

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Choose any 10 artpacks from “Devin Night’s Token Pack Mega Bundle”. If you forget to specify which artpacks at the time of purchase, you will be prompted via a follow-up email to submit your selections.

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All of the figure tokens in these artpacks are hand-drawn by Devin Night, and come pre-sized and pre-rotated for use in Battlegrounds. They have all been scaled to match each other in relative size, and are all high-resolution (122 pixels per cell), so they won’t pixelate even at full zoom in Battlegrounds. The figures are suitable for a game scale of 3 feet per hex (and 5 feet per square, too, of course).

For easy reference, here is a numerically-ordered list of all the token packs that you can choose from for this bundle:

Want to see exactly what tokens are included in each artpack? Click here to download a comprehensive (223 page!) Visual Reference Guide in interactive PDF format that allows you to easily navigate and preview the content of all 27 artpacks as thumbnail galleries. This is a massive token library, and browsing through this entire document will give you an idea of exactly how epic in scale this token collection is. Best of all, the PDF is searchable, so you can easily see (for example) in which artpack/s you can find bards, elven mages, orcs with crossbows, or what have you. Note that the Visual Reference Guide is absolutely not intended for printing.

“Devin Night’s Tokens 10-Pack Bundle” costs $35 for GMs (but is free for players). Most of the proceeds will go to Devin Night (the artist), and the rest to support continued development of Battlegrounds.

As a point of comparison, if you were to buy 10 of these token packs elsewhere, they would cost up to $50, and you would only be getting about half as many tokens (i.e., no color mods), with no extras. But with this optimized-for-Battlegrounds bundle, you get the color mods (approximately doubling the token count), and you’re getting ready-to-use unit palettes (in both Encounter and Deployment format) and a Visual Reference Guide.

Note that players will need to have any given artpack from this collection installed during game sessions where the GM will use it, and that everyone should be using BRPG v1.8b or higher (v1.9 recommended), or BGE v1.5 or higher (v1.8 recommended).

Important Note: Please be aware that the artpacks from this collection are not only also available via the mega-bundle (as previously mentioned), but they can also be purchased individually (for $5 per pack), and in smaller bundles of 3-packs ($12.50) and 6-packs ($22). Those interested in additional token packs by Devin Night are advised to look here.

About the artists and these tokens:

Devin Night has been creating detailed overhead tokens (basically topdown illustrations) for over a decade. His tokens are hand drawn and digitally colored. They have a transparent background and soft drop shadows, which help the tokens stand out from the maps they are placed on, with a level of detail and shading designed to look good at various zoom levels. Most are easily recognizable even when completely zoomed out. Best of all, they are all drawn in the same style, so your gaming tokens can have a consistent look.

Devin Night’s tokens can serve a variety of purposes: to depict your players’ characters, to depict the NPCs that populate your game world, and to depict the monsters and creatures that they will surely be fighting while on their world-saving quests and adventures.

Please visit Devin Night’s website for more information about his tokens, and/or to order custom tokens for your campaign.