The Quick and the Dead

Adventure Badge - The Quick and the Dead

“The Quick and the Dead” is the first official adventure module for Battlegrounds, and it has now been updated for use with newer versions of the software.

This is a BRPG conversion of a PDF adventure module that was written and produced by S. Baker (aka Farland). The original PDF is included in the download. The adventure is intended for use with D&D 3.5 (or 3.0) rules, with a party of four 3rd level PCs.

This adventure module is for use with BRPG v1.8b or higher, and includes everything you need to play (maps, tokens, pre-generated PCs, stat blocks, etc.). A valid BRPG license is required for each participant (although a player can play using just the unlicensed free Demo if the GM has a Floating License available for them to use).

You can download the module here:
GM Version (5.1 MB)
Player Version (4.6 MB)

Installation instructions and other important information is in the ReadMe file which is included in the download. You may also wish to view Tutorial Video #2 in this thread.

The module is being released for free so that Battlegrounds users have a ready-to-play adventure that they can use to learn the Battlegrounds software and get a glimpse at what it is capable of. It will also serve as an example that GMs or third-party developers can use when crafting their own BRPG adventure modules. We hope this becomes a catalyst for more user-created modules.


Why did I re-release this adventure in artpack format? Because the artpack format offers several advantages:

  • First and foremost, hassle-free installation. Unlike media bundles, whose content needs to be imported, an artpack’s media doesn’t need to be imported at all, it’s simply “dynamically attached” to the BRPG program, transparently to the user. You just place the artpack in the BRPG‘s “Artpack” folder, launch BRPG, and all the media is instantly available for use.
  • A much smaller download. When this adventure was originally released, it weighed in at around 60 MB. It’s now slimmed down to a lean 5 MB.
  • You can use the artpack’s content in your own original BRPG adventures, if you want.
  • Using an artpack prevents unnecessary bloating of your “User Cast” file (your multimedia database). This results in snappier performance and requires far less frequent purging of older content.