Medieval Armies Artpack

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This artpack consists of assorted troops (footsoldiers, cavalry units, leaders, corpses, etc.), all rendered in 5 unique homogenous styles, allowing you to depict five different armies or warring factions.

All 98 figures in this 8.2 MB artpack come pre-sized and pre-rotated for use in Battlegrounds. They’ve all been scaled to match each other in relative size, and are all high-resolution (122 pixels per cell), so they won’t pixelate even at full zoom in Battlegrounds (the first preview image below is only at 150% zoom). The figures are suitable for a game scale of 3 feet per hex (and 5 feet per square, too, of course).

Even when you don’t need an army, many of these figures can be used to represent city guards, local lords, or even PCs, so they should be useful in a number of games.

Anyone using Battlegrounds for medieval or fantasy wargaming is bound to want this artpack. :)

The “Medieval Armies” artpack costs $9 for GMs (but, like all artpacks, is free for players). Half of the proceeds will go to Alynnalizza (the artist), and the other half to support continued development of Battlegrounds. And if this artpack does well, Alynnalizza is almost certainly going to create more artpacks in the future.

Note that players will need to have this artpack installed during sessions where the GM will use it, and everyone must be using BRPG v1.8b or higher, or BGE v1.5 or higher

Below are preview images of the other four armies/factions. All were taken at 200% zoom, so you can see all the detail. Be sure to click on each image to view it at full size.

Faction_E_Sample  Faction_B_Sample



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