“The Island of D 2” card game


Game Summary:
A solitaire fantasy adventure card game with no bookkeeping and no dice. Just you, the cards, a token and an adventure! Your mission: Save the Village of Dawn from an impending bandit invasion. Oh, and by the way, you only have 8 days to do it!

Number of Players:

Estimated Playing Time:
About 1 hour

Complexity Level:

About the Game:
This is a BGE digital game conversion of the free print-and-play “Island of D 2” card game, by Jack Darwid (web-published, 2005). This digital conversion for use with BGE is being released with permission from the game’s designer.
The Island of D 2 for BGE (35.7 MB)

The above download contains everything needed to play the game if you already have a Gamer Client license (BGE v1.5 or higher).

Installation instructions are included in the download.


Here is a screenshot of what the game looks like in Battlegrounds (the pic was actually taken in BRPG, but the game looks the same in BGE).

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The following quotes are what some gamers on boardgamegeek.com had to say about this game (in reference to the original print-and-play game, of course):

“One of the most fun solo games I’ve played.”

“Interesting hand/resource/time management mechanics lead to some challenging situations and decisions. It’s a fun, compact (and free) fantasy adventure game! Undeniably better than many solitaire games that are available for sale elsewhere – it’s very tough to win but fun to keep trying.”

“Very addictive, very fun solo adventure with excellent mechanics.”

“Race against time to collect powerful artifacts and defeat the final boss before the town of Dawn succumbs to darkness.”