The Dungeon of D card game


Game Summary:
A solitaire dungeon-crawling card game with no bookkeeping and no dice. Just you, the cards, a token and a dungeon to explore! Your mission: Get out of the dungeon alive as rich as you can. And if you are able to, find and bring back the Amulet of Deugor!!

Number of Players:

Estimated Playing Time:
1 to 3 hours

Complexity Level:

About the Game:
This is a BGE digital game conversion of the free print-and-play “Dungeon of D” card game, by Jack Darwid (web-published, 2008). This digital conversion for use with BGE is being released with permission from the game’s designer.

The Dungeon of D for BGE (48.8 MB)

The above download contains everything needed to play the game if you already have a Gamer Client license (BGE v1.5 or higher).

Installation instructions are included in the download.


Here are some screenshots of what the game looks like in Battlegrounds (the pics were actually taken in BRPG, but look the same in BGE).

Overview of all the game components:

DoD Overview
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Closeup of the Inventory:

DoD Inventory Close-Up
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The following quotes are what some gamers on had to say about this game (in reference to the original print-and-play game, of course):

“I am utterly impressed. The mechanics involved in the game’s design are both simple and brilliant. Truly artful game design. The power card system is a masterpiece, makes me wish I was clever enough to concoct such a design.”

“This is an extremely clever and well designed solitaire game. There are some well thought out mechanisms that balance the advantages and disadvantages of playing each card. The cards are multi purpose, a feature that always makes for interesting decisions.”

“Innovative use of cards. The ‘power’ deck counts as hit points, items, potions, monster checks, and ability checks. Makes for some tough decisions. The rules are concise and easy to follow.”

“The game play is engaging and does a very good job of capturing the feel of classic dungeon crawls.”

For more information about this game conversion, look here.