DevilDan’s Monster Tokens

This artpack contains 435 high-resolution figure tokens (including some which are color mods of the original tokens, for additional variety). They are suitable for use with fantasy or horror games that use a scale of 5 feet per square or 3 feet per hex.

All the tokens in this artpack were created by Devil Dan, who some of you may know from the Dundjinni forums.

The figures are broken down into the following 36 categories:
Balor (4)
Black Pudding (3)
Bugbear (11)
Chimera (4)
Cockatrice (6)
Dryad (8)
Erinyes (9)
Ettin (10)
Fire Giant (9)
Frost Giant (7)
Ghost (6)
Ghost Panther (10)
Gnoll (24)
Goblin (40)
Green Hag (9)
Grey Ooze (3)
Hydra (15)
Lamia (6)
Manticore (8)
Many-Eye (16)
Minotaur (12)
Naga (18)
Nymph (9)
Ochre Jelly (3)
Ogre (11)
Orc (48)
Satyr (12)
Shambling Mound (4)
Skeleton (28)
Solar Angel (8)
Squidhead (10)
Troll (9)
Unicorn (8)
Vrock (3)
Wererat (9)
Zombie (36)

Note that even higher resolution versions of these tokens are available for download for free from the Dundjinni website (specifically, look here for the “Fantastic Creatures” and “Fantastic Creatures 2” user artpacks; additional tokens can be found on the Dundjinni forums).

However, in this Battlegrounds artpack, all of the tokens have been cleaned up in Photoshop, pre-rotated (to face to the right), scaled to match each other in relative size, and all are high-resolution (122 pixels per cell), so they won’t pixelate even at full zoom in Battlegrounds. I have also improved on the original coloring on many of the tokens, and created color mods of many of the creatures for additional variety.

This artpack costs $11.00 for GMs (but, like all artpacks, is free for players). That’s about 2.5 cents per token! Half of the proceeds will go to DevilDan (the artist), and the other half to support continued development of Battlegrounds.

The artpack file is 48.6 MB zipped, and 60.8 MB unzipped.

Note that players will need to have this artpack installed during sessions where the GM will use it, and everyone should be using BRPG v1.8b or higher, or BGE v1.5 or higher.

Click on each preview image below to view it at full size.

Contact Sheet 1
Contact Sheet 2
Contact Sheet 3
Contact Sheet 4
Contact Sheet 5
Contact Sheet 6
Contact Sheet 7
Contact Sheet 8
Contact Sheet 9
Contact Sheet 10
Contact Sheet 11
Contact Sheet 12
Contact Sheet 13
Contact Sheet 14
Contact Sheet 15
Contact Sheet 16
Contact Sheet 17
Contact Sheet 18

Because tiny thumbnails just dont do these tokens justice, below are a few samples showing the tokens at actual size.

I also wanted to emphasize the great care and attention to detail that was taken to make these tokens look as good as they possibly can. Although making this artpack took weeks of painstaking work, I think the end result is well worth it, and adds significant value compared to using the free tokens.

Gnolls vs Orcs and Goblins


Retouching sample

Balor%2C Before and After

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