Aliens boardgame

This is a BGE digital conversion of the Aliens Boardgame, by Leading Edge Games (a company that has been out of business since circa 1993).

Note that this is not a FULL conversion. Only one of the three Scenarios from the original game is included (“The Reactor Room”).

Game Summary:
9 Colonial Marines with limited armament must fight their way through the alien-infested reactor room to the APC that will evacuate them to safety. Fans of the Aliens movie should find this game very enjoyable, and fans of the boardgame will be pleasantly surprised by how much the gameplay and atmosphere are enhanced by the software.

Estimated Playing Time:
45-90 minutes (use of VOIP is highly recommended)

Number of Players:


I love the Aliens Boardgame, and I hope more people can enjoy this long-out-of-print game by playing it using BGE. Given the enhanced graphics of this version, and the addition of theme music and sound effects, coupled with some convenient “automation” provided by BGE‘s features, I honestly believe there is no better way to play this game.

Aliens Boardgame for BGE (23.7 MB)

The game rules are not included in the download. BGE v1.5 or higher is required to play.
Legal Stuff: All trademarks and copyrights remain property of their respective owners and are used without permission.

The following screenshots were taken in BRPG, but look the same in BGE.

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The following quotes are what some gamers on had to say about this game (in reference to the original printed game, of course):

“An easy-to-learn game that really captures the atmosphere of the movie. The squad-based strategy changes depending on the current Marines alive and their positions. The Aliens come out of the walls and make for a tense game.”

“The best licensed game ever, IMHO. I’m still playing it regularly MANY years later!”

“Love this game. The cooperative play makes it a rare gem, and the theme of the movie is fulfilled. For a fast, fun paced game where everybody plays as a team this is the bench-mark. Hard to believe nearly 20 years later that no other game mechanism for cooperative play without a GM comes close.”

“Not only the ultimate movie-themed boardgame, but also the best easy-to-learn tactical combat-game ever bar none. The way this game elegantly simulates with it’s well-written rules-set the heart-wrenching dillemas the marines have to face being surrounded by an overpowering deadly enemy…sheer brilliance. No other horror game creates such a claustrophobic, intense mood.”

“My favorite coop game of all time with a really great theme and feel for the movie.”

“Undeniably one of most action packed, tense, and fun board games ever made. It will make all the difference if played correctly with those that can immerse themselves into the theme.”