User Testimonials about BRPG

“I have really enjoyed the opportunity to stay connected and engaged with old friends who are now scattered across the country. The product is great, and perhaps even more importantly the responsiveness and and support of the developer are second to none.”

“I love BRPG and really appreciate the continual development and improvements. It is a much better product now than when I bought it!”


“I just absolutely love your dedication to this, Heruca. Your second-to-none customer support and continued desire to improve BRPG is what takes you above all of the other VTTs out there.”


“Heruca (writer of BG) offers the best customer care I have EVER seen or heard of.”


“Battlegrounds Games provides not only a very capable solution but the product support that I require in a VTT. I have found the company to be VERY responsive to customer inquiries and they’ve even responded directly regarding potential application enhancements.”


“I’ve dealt with a lot of software and customer support departments, and I have *never* seen anything close to the personal attention that Heruca extends to everyone, even those who clearly don’t intend to be customers.”

“We’ve all had bad experiences with software products these days, but Heruca has proven to be far more reliable than most developers.”


“I just wanted to state how happy I am with both BRPG and this website’s support. It is a great community of gamers here with many people sharing their hard work and ideas. Thank you for all your hard work and great quality.”


“Your customer service definitely rocks. Fastest I have ever had an issue with any online company fixed.”


“Thank you for all of your ongoing work to keep supporting BRPG and making it better. I’ve said it before, but it bears saying again — the BRPG product I have now is SO much better than the one I bought and paid for years ago. I’ve tried to show some appreciation by purchasing artpacks, but I know that doesn’t cover all the free improvements to BRPG I’ve received over the years. If you don’t ever get around to 2.0, I’m very satisfied with what I have. If you do, I’ll be at the head of the line to buy the new version.”


User Testimonials about BGE

“I’ve converted games over to Cyberboard, Zuntzu and Vassal in the past, and I have to tell you that your program is the best of the bunch for what I like.”

“I have to say that I’m really happy and that this is the best $15 I’ve spent on gaming in a long time.”

“I think your program deserves all the attention it can get.”

“It’s great to be able to put all of my old games into BGE an play them.  Kind of like a trip down memory lane!  This is a wonderful piece of software.”

–Randy B.

“One of the best and most used pieces of software I’ve ever owned!”


“This is quite possibly the best piece of virtual tabletop software I have found for wargaming and I recommend it…Battlegrounds was fantastic. It did everything I needed it to do and more. It was easy to use and a joy to game with. This is definitely my ‘go to software’ for wargaming.”

–WargamingAddict (aka Justin Tonna)

Read his user review of BGE here.

“I switched from Roll20 to Battlegrounds Gaming Engine – It has much more powerful features.”


“BGE is a great and useful piece of software that is saving me a huge amount of time since I discovered the Demo this week. I’m a board games designer and instead of generating prototypes (costly and time consuming). I can test the game digitally. BGE, for me, is the CAD for Board Games Design.

–Ricardo Almeida

Excerpt from a published review of the Battlegrounds software:

“For software produced by a single man, Battlegrounds’ results are impressive. Careful consideration has been given to the details of a group-centered experience.”

“There aren’t many packages out there that can pull all of this off, and fewer still have such specific support for board games which broadens the appeal considerably. You also get an actual, dedicated developer on the other side who will listen to your requests and who takes his gaming seriously. That alone is worth the cost for some. If you’re an old-school tabletop gamer using Skype and email attachments to keep your group alive, you owe it to yourself and your friends to take a tour of the Battlegrounds and see what you’ve been missing.”

–Jim Norris, PC World

Read the full review here.

Excerpt from an article submitted by a BGE user who has tried several virtual tabletop programs:

[BGE] is unbelievably flexible. It seems that if I can imagine it, I can find a way to get it into the game…Every now and then I run into a program where it is obvious that it was developed and written by someone that actually has practical experience in the area the program was written for. That is very apparent in this case. I am struck by this impression all the time as I use the program. Things just make sense and fit together so well. I have as much fun creating a game as I do playing it.”


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