If you have a question, would like to report a bug, or submit a feature request, please do so in the BG Forums, so that others can benefit from the answers posted. If possible, try reading the content already posted to see if your issue has already been brought up.

I don’t believe developers should isolate themselves from their users, so I try to make myself available through the BG Forums, which I usually check several times a day. Feel free to “bump” a thread if you have not received an answer to your post after several days.

If there is something you would prefer to discuss in private (cross-promotion, licensing the BRPG or BGE engine for a specific ruleset, etc.), just e-mail or PM me. I am actively looking for game publishers who are interested in having their game/s converted to digital format, whether to offer them as free downloads or to sell them as commercial game conversions.


For technical support and customer service:

For all other issues: