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About the Game:
“Feudal Ops” is a BGE digital boardgame conversion and complete re-theme of the “Nexus Ops” boardgame, by Charlie Catino (published by Avalon Hill in 2005, but now out-of-print). It is played using the rules from Nexus Ops, which can be downloaded from the Avalon Hill website. “Feudal Ops” changes the “Nexus Ops” game setting from one of science-fiction to one of warring medieval factions, and it does so without changing (or adding) any game rules.

“Feudal Ops” is a light-medium war game. The game boasts a hexagonal board that is dealt differently every time. Players assume the role of medieval Lords that battle each other for control of the region’s wealth and compete with each other for the King’s favor. By winning battles and fulfilling Secret Missions, the players can obtain victory points. The first person to reach the required number of victory points wins the game.

Number of Players:
2 to 4

Estimated Playing Time:
1 to 2 hours (use of VOIP is highly recommended for online games)

Complexity Level:

Feudal Ops for BGE (50.1 MB)

The above download contains everything needed to play the game if you already have at least one Gamer Client license (v1.0 or higher). For multiplayer games, the extra players will either need a Gamer Client of their own, or they can use the free BGE Demo if the person hosting the game has enough free Player Slots available for them to use.

Installation and usage instructions are included in the download.



Below are some preview images to show how the game looks. Click on each thumbnail to view the image at full-size.

Ready to lay out game board
4-player setup just loaded, ready to begin creating the gameboard out of tiles
Game Underway
A 4-player game underway, showing the completed gameboard
Closeup of Battle
A closeup of a battle underway
Dice Box
Each player rolls dice of their own player color
Unit Pool
The unit pools for two of the players
Unit Key
Each of the 6 unit types has different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, easily referenced at any time by a mouseover
War Chests
Treasure chests are used to store each player’s accumulated wealth/income
Influence cards and Secret Mission cards drive the game’s strategy
Cards Closeup
A closeup of the cards
Victory Points
Victory points are easily tracked for each player


I think this re-theme might be of interest to anyone who likes Nexus Ops but isn’t crazy about the original sci-fi theme, and/or the graphic design of the latest FFG edition of the game.

How Feudal Ops differs from Nexus Ops
• New backstory: In Feudal Ops, the players are medieval Lords vying for the King’s favor. Whoever collects 12 Victory Points first will curry the King’s favor and be named Baron of the region.
• Rubium has been changed to gold and silver (1 gold is worth 5 silver).
• Mines have been changed to settlements. Specifically, 1-point mines are now villages, 2-point mines are now towns, and 3-point mines are now cities.
• Energize cards are now called Influence cards.
• The text on all of the cards has been changed to fit the new theme.
• Terrain types and unit types completely changed (see below).

Terrain Types/Equivalents
• Liquifungus Forest has been changed to Keep.
• Crystal Spires has been changed to Woods.
• Rock Plains has been changed to Plains.
• Magma Pool has been changed to Monastery.
• Monolith hex has been changed to King’s Hall.

Unit Types/Equivalents
• Human has been changed to Peasant.
• Fungoid has been changed to Footsoldier.
• Crystalline has been changed to Skirmisher.
• Rock Strider has been changed to Knight.
• Lava Leaper has been changed to Paladin.
• Rubium Dragon has been changed to Assassin (and the dragon breath special attack has been changed to a crossbow attack).

I also would like to point out a couple of things:

1) An internet connection is required to play this game conversion (even if playing solo).

2) This free game conversion differs from other game conversions I’ve done in that it may not always remain available for download, and even if you already downloaded it, it may cease to work. There is a “kill switch” in place just in case Avalon Hill/Hasbro/FFG has a problem with this game conversion (not very likely, since this is a total re-theme with all-new artwork, and I am not including the game rules).

By the way, if you’re interested in playing Feudal Ops and are looking for opponents, please look here.

The following quotes are what some gamers on boardgamegeek.com had to say about this game (in reference to the original Nexus Ops game, of course):

“Nexus Ops is one of the absolute best American games of the past decade…Some games lose their lustre over time, others you get tired of, but Nexus Ops has what it takes to stick around and I think it’ll be with us for some time to come.”

“This is the proof that games with an epic feel, strategy, tactics, streamlined rules and theme can be done.”

“I believe this is the greatest game of its genre, it has made games obsolete and I suspect will continue to dominate the field for years.”

“The only game I bought a BACK UP COPY of and am leaving on a shelf in shrink until my original set wears-out. Tactical, strategic, tense with good players, it never fails to entertain me.”

“The more I play it, the more I love it. It’s simple enough to teach someone in a few minutes, plays relatively quickly and works well with 2, 3, or 4 players. The random board and secret missions make every game seem fresh and the diversity in the 6 different units is just great.”

“Nexus Ops is one of the best conflict games on the market as it offers a variable board, equal balance for any number of players and some neat mechanics that encourage aggression (keeps the play time down) and variability (mission cards).”

“Fabulous. As far as I’m concerned, this game definitively replaces every version of Risk and Axis & Allies ever created, offering better, deeper and faster gameplay.”

“Instead of a game that takes forever to play and people turtle up in their home base areas, this one is all about going out and grabbing VPs from different spaces and conditions according to scoring cards you draw. This means there is tons of player interaction and all-out attacking.”

“This game should replace RISK in every family game collection. It is difficult to convince people to give it a chance because of the theme.”

“It’s the best parts of Axis and Allies, Risk, and even a little Twilight Imperium.”

“The semi-random board, random exploration tile placement, the different but not complex units and the secret missions all add up to a great gaming experience.”

One thought on “Feudal Ops boardgame

  1. I wasn’t too happy with the Woods tile in this digital conversion. It was serviceable, but not very attractive, and it didn’t seem to mesh well with the other tiles. So I created a new one, and am posting it here in case anyone else wants to use it. The pictures above show the new woods tile in use.

    Link to new woods tile: http://battlegroundsgames.com/forums/download/file.php?id=1045

    To install, unzip the attached file and place the resulting folder in BGE’s “Components” folder. Then use BGE’s “Batch Import” command and select this folder. If you already had a “Feudal Ops” Game File loaded, you will need to use the “Purge/Refresh Artpacks” command to see the new Woods tiles.

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