“Dice of the Living Dead” boardgame


About the Game:
This is a BGE conversion of the free print-and-play “Dice of the Living Dead” boardgame, by Mads L. Brynnum (self-published, 2009). The digital conversion of this solitaire game is based on Rob Robinson’s redesign.

Game Summary:
Zombies have overrun your hometown. You’ve grouped up with other survivors, and you now have to make your way to the outskirts of town and escape the undead menace. On your way you have to fight zombies, search for survivors, and dole out your limited supplies. Every turn you roll dice trying to find the right balance between moving fast and still having time to fend off zeds. But just as every roll of the dice can help you, it also holds certain risks.

Estimated Playing Time:
15-45 minutes

Number of Players:
1 (solitaire)


Dice of the Living Dead for BGE (4.6 MB)

The above download contains everything needed to play the game if you already have a BGE Gamer Client license (v1.5 or higher).

Installation instructions are included in the download, as is the game’s rulebook.


Here are some screenshots of what the game looks like.


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Close-up, Top:

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Close-up, Bottom:

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The following quotes are what some gamers on boardgamegeek.com had to say about this game (in reference to the original print-and-play game, of course):

“Love dice and love zombies? A D6 Shooters-like game, track and dice admin. You can imagine the post-apocalyptic undead scene perfectly.”

“I think this game is a great marriage between theme and mechanics. The game requires a bit of imagination to really enjoy but the great theme makes this easy. Even my bad turns where Ive been unable to move or fights where Ive blown through all of my ammo yet killed no zombies are fun because all of these situations are easy to picture happening in a zombie movie as the survivors get more desperate. There are a surprising amount of interesting decisions to be made.”

“Basically it’s a game of risk management, and personally I like how things can look like a walk in the park in the beginning only to go haywire a couple of turns later on.”