Chunky Fighters dice game


Game Summary:
A dice game where humorous characters fight it out in an all or nothing brawl. Players choose their fighters and roll them to determine hit points and weapons. Each fighter is made of four dice: a head, a body, some legs, and a weapon. Combat involves rolling damage and hit location dice. As fighters take damage, their body parts show the remaining hit points until they are finally destroyed. In addition to the traditional attack, players can choose to change weapons, perform first aid, disarm an opponent, or make called shots for increased damage.

Estimated Playing Time:
2-20 minutes (use of VOIP is highly recommended for online games)

Complexity Level:

About the Game:
This is a BGE conversion of the free print-and-play “Chunky Fighters” dice game, by Nick Hayes (self-published, 2009). This conversion includes not only the 4 characters from the original Chunky Fighters game, but also the 12 additional figures from the expansion sets (Extra Chunky, Mega Chunky, and Ultra Chunky).

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Chunky Fighters for BGE (16.9 MB)

The above download contains everything needed to play the game if you already have at least one Gamer Client license (BGE v1.5 or higher). For multiplayer games, the extra players will need a Gamer Client of their own, or they can use the free BGE Demo if the person hosting the game has enough free Player Slots available for them to use.

Installation instructions are included in the download.



Here are some screenshots of what the game looks like in BGE.


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