Aliens boardgame variant

This is a mini-expansion for the Aliens Boardgame conversion (required for play).

This variant adds a few new elements to the game, including:
1. An awesome new map by Joshua Oram
2. A mandatory search for cocooned colonists before you can exit the map
3. New unit type: Facehugger aliens
4. An on-screen Motion Tracker that lets you know when the aliens will begin arriving on the map
5. Exploding barrels
6. A turn counter that tracks how long you have until the nuclear reactor explodes

Note: This expansion requires BGE v1.5 or higher to play.

Download for Mac & Windows:
Aliens Variant (14.9 MB)

The screenshots below were taken in BRPG, but the game looks the same in BGE.

Aliens boardgame variant Pic 1
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Aliens boardgame variant Pic 2
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