The Folly of Silenus

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The Folly of Silenus

Post by tailz » Tue May 27, 2014 8:22 am

Hello folks,
It has been a while since I last posted something, but better late than never! I've just published another one of my Compass Points, a small(ish) mini-adventure site designed so you can just drag-n-drop it into your existing campaign.

...and now for some blatant promotional material!

Silenus was an adventurer, who spent many years wandering far away lands in search of fame and fortune. Over the years Silenus meet many fellow adventurers whom he would come to call, friend. But sadly, adventuring life took its toll, and a number of Silenus’ dear friends fell foul of hazardous dungeon traps and wandering monsters.

Thus when Silensus retired from adventuring life, he setup a small school for adventurers. His hope being, that he could prepare young adventurers for the hazards of adventuring life. As part of the school, Silenus constructed a wizards maze – the Pyramid of Silenus – better known today as the Folly of Silenus. Back in the day, in order to graduate from the school – each student had to enter the Pyramid of Silenus and return with an idol that was hidden inside a special chamber within the maze. Upon returning to the school with the idol, the student graduated as an adventurer, ready to explore real dungeons!

Sadly Silenus succumbed to old age and passed on to the next world, with Silenus gone the School of Adventuring lost it’s benefactor and closed down. Now all that remains of the wizards legacy, is the Folly. Yet even today, it is still enchanted with mighty magic, still ready to teach young adventures a thing or two.

Each Compass Point Pack is designed to be a small mini-adventure site that you can just drop into your existing Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, or Roll20 role-playing campaign. Within the zip file you download from are all of the maps for the adventure site, tokens for all of the objects and creature that can be found lurking inside the adventure site, plus a PDF guide written by our resedent Game Master: Tailz.
  • This Compass Point includes 20+ photo realistic role-playing maps that display each chamber of the Folly of Silenus. Not only do we include maps, but also overlay images that can be used to display hidden secret passages, or traps after they have been discovered.
  • Included inside the zip file are all of the graphical tokens your going to need for this adventure site. All of the objects that can be found inside the site are included as tokens so that you can include them or exclude them at your discretion. While all of the Monsters and Non-player Characters are also represented as character token sets that display each character in a wide range of poses.
  • The package contains a 37 page PDF Guide to the mini-adventure site. The guide is written as a discussion between Game Masters, with hints and tips about how to use the site according to the sites designer, our Game Master: Tailz. There are rules for the traps, information about new creatures, poisons, and Non-player characters that can be found inside the adventure site. All of this is bundled up in a PDF designed for viewing on devices such as an iPad.

Drop by and check out the Folly of Silenus Article at the Studio WyldFurr site, or pop over to and have a peek.

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