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Compatibility kit for playing The Fantasy Trip in BRPG

Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 10:53 am
by heruca
BRPG users who would like to play Steve Jackson's The Fantasy Trip RPG can download this TFT Compatibility Kit, which includes a generic megahex map (40x46), several megahex grid overlays in different colors and styles, and a variety of megahex-patterned "obstacles" that can be used to recreate the original Melee and Wizard mapboards, or create entirely new/custom ones. The map must be used at full size; use the grid overlays instead if you intend to crop down the playing area.

Note that the images in this kit do not contain center dots in the hexes, since Battlegrounds already has functions for checking range and line of sight from the center of each hex. Including center dots would just be visually distracting, so I left them out.

This should be very useful for anyone playing either the original game from 1980, or the new version that will be coming out that is currently on Kickstarter.