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Post by heruca » Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:36 pm

Let's recap the last 12 months:

¢ In July 2009, I released BRPG v1.4h and BRPG v1.4i, 2 commercial Game Boxes ("Valkenburg Castle" and "Asteroid Zero-Four"), 1 free artpack ("Component Sewers"), and 1 commercial artpack ("Kepli's Tree Pack")
¢ In August 2009, I released 2 free artpacks ("Vry's PC & NPC Tokens" and "Vry's Monster Tokens"), 1 free game conversion ("Aliens"), and an updated User Manual
¢ In September 2009, I released BRPG v1.4j and 2 free game conversions ("Zombie Plague" and the "Zombie Plague Expansion Pack")
¢ In October 2009, I released BRPG v1.4k and BRPG v1.4L, and 2 free artpacks ("Cyberdrake's Indoor Map Tiles" and "Cyberdrake's Outdoor Map Tiles")
¢ In December 2009, I released BRPG v1.5, and 2 free game conversions ("Dead of Night" and the "Aliens Variant")
¢ In January 2010, I released BRPG v1.5a and BRPG v1.5b, 1 commercial artpack ("DevilDan's Monster Tokens"), and 1 commercial game conversion ("Search for the Emperor's Treasure")
¢ In February 2010, I released BRPG v1.6 and 1 free game conversion ("Close Assault, Basic Game")
¢ In March 2010, I released BRPG v1.6a
¢ In April 2010, I released BRPG v1.6b
¢ In May 2010, I released BRPG v1.6c and 1 commercial game conversion ("Close Assault, Advanced Game")
¢ In June 2010, I released BRPG v1.6d and BRPG v1.6e, and 1 commercial artpack ("Mapping Tiles Pack")
¢ In July 2010, I released BRPG v1.6f and BRPG v1.6g, a free artpack ("Dice Pack"), and two free game conversions ("Chunky Fighters" and "D-Day Dice")

So in the last year I count:
16 releases of BRPG (averaging 1.33 releases per month)
11 game conversions (3 commercial, 8 free)
9 artpacks (3 commercial, 6 free)
An updated User Manual (covers up through BRPG v1.4i)

Now let's look forward a bit:

¢ In August 2010, I will be releasing v1.6h, and updating the two free sample adventures and all the game conversions to take advantage of all the new features added to BRPG since they were originally released.

¢ In September 2010, I plan on creating a number of tutorial videos for BRPG and updating the User Manual once again (to cover up through BRPG v1.6h, and to release the User Manual in final form).

¢ In October 2010, I hope to finally usher in full Flash support.

At which point it will be time to put BRPG v1.x into "maintenance mode" and start development on the next VT program, Battlegrounds Gaming Engine (aka BGE). It should be released in early to mid December, just in time for Christmas. :wink:
:arrow: Please help spread the word about BRPG and BGE, and never hesitate to tell me how I can make them better suit your gaming needs.

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