Ravenlands Map Pack 2

“Ravenlands Map Pack 2” is a collection of 4 maps and 4 Fog of War Overlays. Produced by Scrying Eye Games, this artpack contains Maps 5 through 8 of their Ravenlands series of exquisitely detailed and interconnected maps.

• Map 5: Sacred Grounds
• Map 6: Town of Raventon
• Map 7: Mine and Quarry
• Map 8: The Ravenclaw’s Inn

A 32 x 20 cell Overview Map (at a scale of 15 feet per cell) is also included, which shows how the first 8 maps in the Ravenlands series interconnect.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

The above picture shows how the Fog of War Overlays can be used to mask things like the interiors of buildings or caves until the adventuring party enters and explores the area.

All the maps and Fog of War Overlays in this artpack are designed to be displayed in BRPG at a setting of 24 x 30 cells. They are sized at 122 pixels per cell, the maximum resolution supported in BRPG, so there will be no pixelation even at the highest zoom setting. The Fog of War Overlays may also be deployed as maps, if you wish.

Only the GM needs to have this artpack installed; players do not need to purchase or install this artpack at all. Note that BRPG v1.8b or higher is recommended.

This artpack costs $10. The maps are also available in print resolution and in various game scales at the Scrying Eye Games website, for $4.95 each.

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