BUG: Errors on Loadup

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BUG: Errors on Loadup

Post by Venger » Thu Sep 28, 2006 7:34 pm

I have noticed that when I load BRPG if I wait until the Logo Button appears I will not have problems with placing Objects or Figures.

However if I right click before that time, I will get these kind of messages


Sometimes the Figure Selection Dialogue will appear and sometime it wont.

So, it works best if I wait for the Red Button to appear before poking around.

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Post by heruca » Thu Sep 28, 2006 7:59 pm

Yes, that's the same as this bug:
http://www.battlegroundsgames.com/phpBB ... .php?t=641

It's fixed in v1.0. Until then, the "workaround" is to wait until it's done loading and initializing before you do anything else. When the cell highlight graphic appears, that's you're cue that you're good to go.
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