"Quarter-Inch" Grid Overlay

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"Quarter-Inch" Grid Overlay

Post by heruca » Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:11 am

This custom grid overlay should be useful for anyone wanting to play games that require a quarter-inch grid (such as that found on certain types of graph paper).

To use this grid overlay, download the attached file, unzip it, and place the PNG in BRPG's "Grids" folder, inside the "Square" subfolder. Then launch BRPG, open the Preferences panel, select "Square" from the "Grid Type" popup menu (if it isn't already selected), and then select "Quarter_Grid" from the "Grid Color" popup menu. I recommend setting the Grid Opacity to around 70%.

I only made this grid in black, but feel free to colorize it as desired using a graphic editing app.

When playing on this grid, you will probably want to disable BRPG's snap-to-grid feature.
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