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Post by KemeticCultus » Fri Sep 17, 2010 4:49 pm

I'd like to give Shadowrun 4th Edition a shot and simultaneously get a feel for what BRPG is capable of.

Alternatively, I'll admit here that while I am a Shadowrun game master (2nd Edition), I've never been too happy with the system. For me, SR4A has been a let down, so I'm taking the steps to design a replacement system. Therefore, if there are no Shadowrun games currently going on using BRPG, I'll be more than happy to run the universe (albeit with a more simplistic user friendly system). If you'd like to help with design and playtesting, let me know.

For the record, I do not currently have any license for BRPG but I plan on getting one very soon (sadly it seems I wasted my money on a BRPG competitor that doesn't suit my needs).

Thank you.

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