BRPG v1.6h beta released

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BRPG v1.6h beta released

Post by heruca » Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:15 pm

BRPG v1.6h is now available for download. It is to be considered in beta status for the time being.

The main features of this update are:
¢ Cosmetic improvements to the Chat window
¢ Minor UI tweaks
¢ Bug fixes

The format for Encounters and Deployments has not changed since v1.6g.

BRPG v1.6h is currently only available as a patch for v1.6g. You must already have v1.6g installed in order to use this patch.

BRPG v1.6h Patch for Mac & Windows (6.8 MB)

How to "install" this patch: Unzip the downloaded file, then simply move the included files into the corresponding BRPG v1.6g folders, overwriting the existing files when prompted.


Although a ReadMe file with the information below is contained in the v1.6h download, some people might find it useful to see the changes prior to downloading the zip file.

Version History:

¢ Added a wood background texture to the Chat window.
¢ Replaced the graphic for the "Text Macro" button in the Chat window with a more intuitive symbol ("...").
¢ Added ToolTips to the four gray buttons in the Chat window, to explain what each button does.
¢ Added a "View Manager" button to the Commands panel.
¢ Added a "Disable Views Palette" command to the BG button's popup menu, for those who do not wish to use this feature. For now, this command must be selected every session. Eventually, this will instead become a Preferences setting.
¢ Bug fix: The GM's chat text was appearing in white in the chat output pane of the Chat window, which made it invisible against the white background.
¢ Bug fix: The "Chat As..." menu in the Chat window was not updating after one or more units were deleted.
¢ Bug fix: The "Send To..." popup menu on the Dice Macro configuration screen was not always displaying the currently-selected recipient.
¢ Bug fix: The code that handles automatically updating old Encounters to the new Encounter format introduced in v1.6f was not working properly if the Encounter did not contain any units.
¢ Bug fix: Custom card decks were not automatically loading on remote clients, even though they had been installed in the proper location, and an error message would be shown.
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