BRPG v1.4f beta released

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BRPG v1.4f beta released

Post by heruca » Sun Mar 29, 2009 7:59 pm

BRPG v1.4f is now available for download. It is to be considered in beta status for the time being.

The main features of this update are:
¢ Enhancements to the Dice Roller, the Card Table, and to all media-browsing panels
¢ Added a way for the GM to load a web page on connected players' computers
¢ Added some support for Flash units to communicate with BRPG
¢ Bug fixes

The format for Encounters and Deployments has not changed since v1.4e. The "User Cast.cxt" file has changed since v1.4d, so do not copy over the "User Cast.cxt" file from a prior BRPG version.

This is a full install. A patch version is not planned, as too many files have changed to make it worthwhile.

Download BRPG v1.4f here:
Windows version (124.7 MB)
Mac version (129.5 MB)

Installation instructions are included in each download.

Although the ReadMe file with the information below is contained in the v1.4f download, some people might find it useful to see the changes prior to downloading the zip file.

Version History:

¢ Created new buttons for the Card Table, in the same grey style used in the Dice Roller window and in the GM's view of the Turn Sequencer.
¢ Added two buttons to all panels that have the ability to browse media. One button takes you to the very first item in the media collection, while the other takes you to the very last item in the media collection.
¢ The GM may now launch a web page on connected players' screens by typing in a command in the chat window and pressing Return/Enter. The format for this command is "url=" (sans quotes) followed by the complete URL. The web page will load using the default web browser on each computer.
¢ Added a sample "Web Links" file to the "Text Macros" folder.
¢ Added two new buttons to the Die Roll Results screen for browsing the Dice Roll History. One button takes you instantly to the first die roll in the History, and the other button takes you to the very last roll in the History.
¢ If a Dice Macro is rolled with the "Show total rolled" and "Show total modified roll" options disabled, the actual die rolls are now included in the Chat window's die roll report.
¢ Added safeguards to the Turn Sequencer in case the GM decided to edit the turn number but forgot to finish his edit.
¢ Included a new version of OSControl Xtra, which is responsible for displaying interface elements (pulldown menus, buttons, etc.) that match the OS's current theme/appearance. This new version should be more Vista-friendly, according to the developer.
¢ Laid some of the groundwork to better support multi-monitor setups.
¢ Laid some more groundwork for Flash units to communicate with BRPG. Specifically, Flash units can now determine which sprite they have been allocated and what its unit properties have been set to.
¢ Change: Clicking on the "Load Game" button on the Card Table now produces a popup menu listing all the saved games, to make it faster and easier to load a saved game. This should be particularly useful for games that use multiple card decks and you have to frequently switch between them. Just be sure to save your current game prior to switching to another game file.
¢ Change: When opening the Purge Media Assets panel, it now defaults to previewing the last media asset in the multimedia library.
¢ Change: Hidden units are now drawn at 50% opacity, rather than 65%, as in previous versions. This should make Hidden units easier to distinguish.
¢ Change: You must now double-click the second column of the Text Macros table in order to activate the text macro. The first column is no longer selectable. This change was made because in prior versions, double-clicking on the first column was placing the wrong text (the text macro's name) into the Chat window's text output field.
¢ Bug fix: The unit rotation hotkeys should now work properly on international keyboard layouts.
¢ Bug fix: Some required Xtras for playing MP3 files were missing.
¢ Bug fix: The Text Macro popup menu was sometimes not appearing when the "Text Macro" button was clicked on the Chat window, unless the "IP" button was pressed first.
¢ Bug fix: Setting a unit's Owner to "GM" via the "Edit Figure" or "Edit Object" panel no longer produces an error.
¢ Bug fix: The Undo feature was not working reliably, and could produce errors.
¢ Bug fix: Undo now works after stepping the turn sequence.
¢ Bug fix: Fixed the on-screen placement of all the placeholder maps.
¢ Bug fix: The Dice Results window no longer opens on your screen if you are in the process of creating a Dice Macro.
¢ Bug fix: If you've elected never to view incoming die rolls, or if you were busy making a Dice Macro at the time the die roll was received, the die roll report now appears in the Chat window.
¢ Bug fix: Players can now access the contextual popup menu of a unit whose Owner is set to "Everyone".
¢ Bug fix: Closing the Text Macro window by clicking on the close button in its titlebar no longer prevents other Chat Macros from loading properly.
¢ Bug fix: The number field was incorrectly set to be editable while browsing the Dice Roll History.
¢ Bug fix: The "10s are counted as 0" message in the Die Roll Results screen is now only displayed if a 10 was actually rolled.
¢ Bug fix: Incoming die rolls will no longer be missed if the Dice Roller has not yet been accessed in a given game session.
¢ Bug fix: Players can now see the portraits of units they own or units owned by "Everyone".
¢ Bug fix: If the GM accidentally purges the map currently in use, the placeholder map is now shown.
¢ Bug fix: One of the rotation hotkeys was being activated twice with each key press (at least on a Mac while using a square grid, but other configurations were possibly also being affected).
¢ Bug fix: On Windows OS, the background color of pulldown menus would occasionally change unexpectedly (often making the menu's contents illegible). Some steps have been taken to try to remedy this.
¢ Bug fix: You can now open a new Text Macro file without having to make a selection from the Text Macro file that was already open. In previous releases, the previously-loaded Text Macro file remained until you activated one of the Text Macros listed.
¢ Bug fix: The name of a Text Macro file is no longer truncated if it contains a "-" (dash). This used to occur after loading and rolling a dice macro.
¢ Bug fix: Some network messages were not getting through to players who were not listed first in their group, according to the Participants List on the Chat window.
¢ Bug fix: Closing the Fog of War panel while a polygon or freehand tool was selected used to disable the unit selection marquee, if the "When FoW panel is closed" checkbox was checked in the third Preferences screen.
¢ Bug fix: The "End My Turn" (aka "Step the Sequence") button should now be positioned properly regardless of the map window's size and position.
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Re: BRPG v1.4f beta released

Post by Omnidon » Mon Mar 30, 2009 12:49 am

heruca wrote:¢ Laid some more groundwork for Flash units to communicate with BRPG. Specifically, Flash units can now determine which sprite they have been allocated and what its unit properties have been set to.
Weee, time to do some testing!

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