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Base Map Pack 1

Post by heruca » Sun Sep 28, 2008 7:55 pm

"Base Map Pack 1" is a collection of 35 maps, broken down into six categories (Grass; Forest Floors; Scrublands; Swamps & Thickets; Earth, Sand & Mud; and Cavern). The common theme for this artpack is that all the maps are of natural environments (perhaps a future artpack will cover man-made environments).

Like the grass map that comes with BRPG, the maps contained in this artpack all use the same texture throughout. The idea is that you will customize these generic maps with object overlays as needed to suit your Encounters (e.g., by adding trees, boulders, roads, paths, ponds, etc), rather than use them as ready-to-go maps (although some of these maps can certainly be used as-is).

Click on the thumbnail image below to see a preview of every map in the artpack. Although the samples are a bit small, I hope they still serve to convey the quality and level of detail. The maps are actually much more impressive when seen in their entirety.
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Only the GM needs to have this map pack installed; players do not need to purchase or install this artpack at all. Note that BRPG v1.3d or higher is needed to use artpacks.

I am selling this map pack for $11 (that's about 31 cents a map), as a means of subsidizing BRPG development. Think of it as a Donate button, but you get some great maps in return.

I should also mention that a lot of these maps were created from images that are freely available on the Dundjinni User Forums (the textures have been OK'ed for use in a commercial product). The graphically-inclined could probably recreate many of these maps without having to purchase them, if they have the time and are so inclined.

I've made an effort to credit the original artists in a ReadMe that accompanies the artpack. They deserve the recognition, and I couldn't have made these maps without their hard work.

¢ Some of the maps in this artpack are simply re-colored versions of other maps.
¢ Some of the maps are so detailed that even though they look super at full zoom, they don't look very good when zoomed out.
¢ Not all the maps work well at a setting of 40 x 40 grid cells. Some work best at 20 x 20, others somewhere in between.
¢ The content in this artpack may be improved over time (for example, some of the smaller maps may be reworked to support 40 x 40 grid cells). Purchasing an artpack entitles you to all updates free of charge.
:arrow: Please help spread the word about BRPG and BGE, and never hesitate to tell me how I can make them better suit your gaming needs.

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