Warhammer Quest Roleplaying Game

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Warhammer Quest Roleplaying Game

Post by ruffian » Wed Mar 19, 2008 5:59 am

The Ultimate Warhammer Dungeon Crawl...

(willing to make FL available to players)

Looking for up to 4 players; per game session, interested in experiencing the classic Warhammer Quest world. The game will run best with 4 but I can scale it down for fewer. This game will use all the expanded roleplay material not just the basic dungeon crawl game. Things will start with the core roleplay game. If all goes well and this moves into a campaign I'll incorporate more of the expansion and user created materials.

I welcome those familiar with the rules and any newcomers to this classic. Anyone interested in one-offs may join in the mayhem during any existing campaigns that get started. The system is some-what like Hero Quest or Advanced Hero Quest but with a closer relation (and complexity) to the Warhammer world and combat system. I can provide links to rulebooks for anyone who wants to familiarize themselves with the game before a session. It's very easy to pick up the rules as you go though.

Open Characters are: (as the basic characters progress I'll allow advancement to new careers if the players desire. The new career must be of the same race and players will be reduced by half thier current Battle-Level.)

Battle-Level 1 Warriors
1. Open (Norsca Barbarian or Other)
2. Open (Dwarf Warrior or Other)
3. Open (Wood Elf Warrior or Other)
4. Open (Empire Wizard or Other)

(Anyone who wants to play the Warrior Pack characters can do so, like the Trollslayer, Bretonnian Knight, Warrior Priest, ect . I'm also cool with custom created classes as long as we can agree on them prior to play as it will take some time to develope the Battle-Levels.)

-Please post if you're interested. State which character you'd like to play if you already know. I'm fine with having more than one of any character class (you can have a party of 4 Wood Elf Warriors if that's how it works out). Also state when you're available to play.

The first adventure will be "Death Below Karak Azgul" as found in the original roleplay book with some of my own twists added in.

Karak Azgul is a 3 Deep Adventure. Players will be granted the option of returning to a Settlement after each Deep to recover & resupply for the next one (this option will be granted through a plot device). Each game session will end once a Deep is completed, unless the group decides to continue. Players can return to the beginning of the next Deep once a new session begins using the above plot device.

So...who will dare to face the Death Below Karak Azgul?

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Post by ruffian » Fri May 09, 2008 10:27 am

One player on board!

This game is still open to three more players.

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Post by doomlyman123 » Mon May 12, 2008 12:31 am

I'm up for this. As I'm not sure as to exact rules to this game, I'll need a few links to clarify. I'll be active most of the week.

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Post by heruca » Mon May 12, 2008 1:31 am

Welcome, doomlyman123.
:arrow: Please help spread the word about BRPG and BGE, and never hesitate to tell me how I can make them better suit your gaming needs.

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Post by thunderw » Mon Feb 15, 2010 10:01 pm

Is this game still going on? I would really like to join up!

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