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idea for an RPG that BGRPG would suit

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 9:44 pm
by MarkSimms
I was thinking on an idea for an RPG, and decided to think about a cross hybred boardgame RPG

the idea revolves round a vampire mansion, each part of the mansion is deivided into sections, eg the stairs may contain 3 sections going up a room may contain 3 sections(this is important , you cant move sideways or diagonal or backwards, the card drawn must be strictly followed). there would be many floors to the mansion all split up into sections like a 3d boardgame.

now you have a deck of cards , in the deck are movement cards eg move 7 sections, you could be free to move but must move 7 steps forwards or back but NOT both.

every step you must draw an event card, these cards, could stop movement or increase it, the events could also activate traps or show secret doors or find weapons or health potions etc...

the mansion would be filled with vampire items like coffins, victims, defences, gold etc.. then at the start of the game each player draws a scenario card one of many , these scenario cards tell each player what his/her objective is, like becoming a vampire, or killing a vampire, or killing a player, or finding gold, or resuing victims etc...

as each player draw a card, the vampires draw from the vampire deck, and move etc.. they don't get a choice they have to follow the cards exactly. they may have an objective to turn players into vampires who join the vampires against the other players or they may kill players.

this game is designed for vampires but could be easily changed to say a WWII bunker ir a boothill saloon etc..
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Re: idea for an RPG that BGRPG would suit

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 9:59 pm
by MarkSimms
The idea is to drive play forward in an RPG type game, I found when playing a solo RPG i was stoping to oftem without any firm directiom , my game idea allows me to play solo an RPG with all the action run by the game cards etc..

you could apply the game to a star trek type game , all the decks on a ship could replace the mansions floors, anf the borg could replace the vampires,

I think this is a good idea for solo players