BlizzCon - anyone going?

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BlizzCon - anyone going?

Post by zWolf » Thu Oct 21, 2010 2:13 pm


I'm prepping for a trip to So Cal, to hit up Blizzcon in Anaheim - I was wondering if anyone one else from the community is going to be there, if so - it would be fun to meet some people in person while I'm out of Isolated Idaho. (a State which I love by the way... )

I'm going to be around So Cal from the 21st of Oct to the 26th Durring the day I'll mostly just be 'hanging out' at the beach writing and taking pics and stuff - soo hit me up in e-mail if you'd like to say hi at BlizzCon or if your not going but wana grab lunch or perhaps a group of So Cal'rs meet at Dave n Busters in Irvine or something;

Just hit me up in e-mail and we will make it happen:

feel free to post here if there is any interest in a 'meet n greet'.

I 'may' post this in the other VTT communities I'm involved in, but many of 'you' here are also in those communities so, pardon the double posting. (Grin)


zWolf -out.

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