Touch Screen Monitor laying flat on table with BG?

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Touch Screen Monitor laying flat on table with BG?

Post by bluecat » Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:13 pm


So far I have just gotten the free/demo version of Battlegrounds, and it looks really great. I am thinking about buying the full version (and if the Wargames version ever comes out, that as well), but I have a question for people about whether anyone has ever set up some hardware to make kind of a virtual game table on the cheap to use with Battlegrounds.

I know that some people have had a projection setup where they are projecting an image downward onto a table top from a ceiling mounted projector, and I also saw a thread here about someone who had placed a monitor flat on a table: ... php?t=1135

What I was thinking of was setting something up more along the lines of the monitor flat on the table. Has anyone done that with Battlegrounds? Specifically I was thinking of getting a flat panel monitor with a touch screen and laying it on a table and using that with Battlegrounds. I know that there are touch screen monitors availble that basically just make it so that a touch on the screen is equivalent to a mouse click - so that's what I'm talking about.

I wasn't planning on putting physical figures on top of the thing (metal figures) - I'm planning on just moving the virtual pieces around.

Has anyone set that up with battle grounds before? Was wondering about things like how hard or easy it is to get a monitor to lay flat flush against a table.

I have an ipad and it would be great if it were a lot bigger. That's what got me thinking that just buying some fairly large touch screen monitor and laying it flat would be a good setup for Battlegrounds if I wanted to play locally with friends around the table top without having to drag out a bunch of metal figures, dice etc. But still having the playing experience feel like you're moving your character around (via touch/swipe instead of moving the figure)

Anyone set up something like that before with Battlegrounds?

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