Stack and Shuffle Question

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Stack and Shuffle Question

Post by rab46 » Sun Oct 28, 2012 5:28 pm

I've got a question regarding the stack and shuffle feature. When I create several components with two or more tokens, then select them as a group and stack and shuffle them with shift-S I lose the token selection from the component contextual menu of each individual component.

If I do the same thing with a group of single token components, the token selection is maintained in the component contextual menu for each individual component.

I ran into this as I was converting one of my board games over to BGE. I was trying to change the token order for a group of components that I had previously stacked and shuffled with shift-S. The stack was suppose to be stacked unknown side up and the stack was flipping over after shuffling, revealing the known side of the first counter. I hoped that reversing the order of the tokens would reverse this behavior but found that I could no longer access the token selection. I deleted the units and rebuilt them with the tokens in the order I wanted and now the stack remains unkown (the token selection in the contextual menu is still missing though) after shuffling so I'm able to play the game. This just seemed odd to me so thought I'd mention it.

Maybe there is a reason for this or maybe I was doing something wrong. If you find this curious and decide to look into it, let me know if you see the same behavior. Thanks.

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Post by heruca » Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:40 pm

The stack and shuffle command exists primarily for card decks. Generally, the first thing you do after shuffling a deck (especially mid-game), is to draw a card. So I made BGE automatically deselect the shuffled stack after the shuffle, so that you can draw a card without accidentally moving (or flipping) the whole stack. I probably tweaked the behavior to be different with two-sided tokens (probably cards) than with single-sided tokens.
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