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Multi Deck Games & Licensing

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:33 am
by Elric
2 Questions...

Talisman? Arkham Horror? :D

Also - is it true that I read if I buy the License(s) for my Windows PC I can use the same License(s) for my MacBook Pro? :)



Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:45 pm
by heruca
I doubt I can get permission to distribute digital game conversions of those games. But BGE is also a game-building toolkit, so you can certainly make conversions of those games yourself, for personal use. Assuming you own a physical version of the games, of course.

The BGE digital conversions I released for "Up Front" and "Zombinion" should provide excellent examples of how to implement multi-deck games like the ones you mentioned.

As for multi-platform licensing, here's the relevant bit:
from BGE License page wrote:"The Gamer Client license allows you register the program on any of the supported platforms/operating systems, but the software will thereafter only run on the specific computer it is authorized on. After authorization, if you want to switch computers or platforms, you can. You simply need to request a new license activation code (your old activation code will be disabled). The new activation code is free. You do not need to buy a license again."
What this means is that, say you're a Windows user and you have license the program on your Windows PC. Next year, you decide to switch to a Mac. You simply request a new code for free and you'll be able to move your license to the Mac (it will be disabled on the Windows PC).

So no, buying a license doesn't let you install it on multiple platforms at once, it simply gives you the freedom to switch platforms in the future without having to re-purchase the program. If you need BGE simulateneously on more than one computer, it's inexpensive enough that purchasing multiple licenses shouldn't break the bank.

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 3:21 pm
by Elric
Excellent! I wasn't expecting you to do the 2 I mentioned, I just wanted to know if it was feasible. :) I'll go ahead check out the games you mentioned and see what they're like.