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Feature Request: AmigaOS Support

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 5:26 am
by Zearthling
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I am SOOO SO sick of Windows OS... and I never EVER want a Mac OS.
I could go on about WHY this is the way it is for me, but I won't. I really only want to ask about something I feel to be ESSENTIAL at the present moment (seeing as I have lost 2 OS/w hard disks in the last 3 months!).

Can you PLEASE consider porting this software into Amiga OS?

I have already read that you will NOT consider porting it into Linux (and I can fully understand WHY!), but please please PLEASE consider porting to Amiga OS 4.1!!! PLEASE! ... p?cPath=47

At the end of the day, Amiga is always the GOOD GIRL of the PC world, and any one that used, or uses it... Knows what I'm talking about!

Please consider Amiga! :cry: :cry:

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 11:36 am
by heruca
I didn't know Amiga OS was still in use. :shock:

Unfortunately, I cannot compile BRPG for Amiga OS, since BRPG is created using Adobe Director, and Director can only compile for Mac OS and Windows OS.

It's possible, I suppose, that future versions of Director might compile to other OSes, such as iOS and Android, but I doubt Amiga OS is even on Adobe's radar.

Keep the dream alive with us!

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 3:04 pm
by Zearthling ... ive/23595/
********************** ... ojectid=31


********************** ... ex_apache/

Ok... I think I have caused enough trouble for now.
Thanks for hearing my plea! :wink:

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 6:54 pm
by Omnidon
Interesting links. I'm amazed to hear that AmigaOS is still around.

I highly doubt that Director will ever get Amiga support though.

And unless Amiga manages to get in early on the new 3D processors that are being developed, I doubt the OS will ever gain a whole lot of popularity.
I would love it if the market becomes a bit less dominated by MS and Apple though.

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:32 pm
by Zearthling
Well it starts with the End User you know... And I plan on getting and installing Amiga 4.1 OS in about two weeks. I am SO looking forward to it to be honest!

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:59 pm
by Zearthling
Some of my fondest Amiga memory's include, but shall not be limited to:
The ability to make devices shake hands, AND GET ALONG!
Crash Reports that actually tell you what happened, instead of giving you a Long Line of HEX!
...and the games... oh the Amiga Games...


Personally I am just so sick and tired of a software bug causing a permanent hardware failure, or a hardware glitch destroying a software program (or twenty)... especially when I have soooo many fond Amiga memories!