Base Map Pack 1 and Component Dungeon Pack 1

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Base Map Pack 1 and Component Dungeon Pack 1

Post by cyberunner8 » Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:30 pm

Greeting all,

This part two of my art pack review.
I decided to cover Base Map Pack 1 and Component Dungeon Pack 1 together as I got them as a starter package with my GM BRPG.

The Base Map Pack 1 has very nice art that can be used in all map sizes.
It covers most outdoor settings and a cavern setting.
All textures are rich in detail, and can take some time to load up the first time.
I recommend having your encounters as an exported media file that is given to your players for them to up load.
Once you have you board set up your players are in for a treat, especially at full 200% zoom.
Some files are so rich that at 20% wide view, they look funny.
All maps are scaled for 40 by 40 square.
They will scale down if you use a smaller map size.
Textures will also get stretched if you have and long map like 40 by 20, ect.

You get; Grass, Forest Floor, Scrublands, Swamps and Thickets, Mud Sand and Earth, and Caverns Textures. Each comes in different colors and seasons.

The Component Dungeon Pack 1 is a tile set under objects.
It has everything to make your own dungeon with rooms, hallways, round rooms, extra floors walls ... ect.
I have used this pack a lot and found it very useful to make exactly what I want in underground dungeon setting.
It does not have any door to place in your doorways, but there is plenty of free stuff on the web.
You can also make your own doors by using the draw function in BRPG.
(See Component Dungeon Pack 1 for what you get, it is a long list.)

I highly recommend both packs starting out as gives you a lot of power to go almost anywhere in fantasy world.

That is my two cents,
-Cyberunner ;)

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Post by Mandella » Sat Jul 21, 2012 5:27 pm

Just wanted to pop in and say that this sort of review is pretty useful, and I hope you do more!

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