A voice from the past, plus Maps & Tokens!!

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A voice from the past, plus Maps & Tokens!!

Post by tailz » Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:41 am

Hello there folks! Most of you will have no idea who I am, while some of the "old timers" around here might remember me. I thought I would poke my nose in and say hello since I just published my latest creation, Compass Points: The Cult of the Iron Mask.

The Cult of the Iron Mask is the second pack in a series of "Compass Points" I'm working on. The idea behind the Compass Points is to create little self contained adventure sites that Game Masters can drag'n'drop into their Fantasy Grounds campaigns. Each Compass Point comes with tokens, maps, and a PDF guide that provides "context" to the whole bundle.

The cult of the Iron Mask is best summed up as an extremely militant version of the Suffragettes Movement from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. With a dash of magic and medieval mysticism thrown in for good measure. The cult seeks to primarily rescue women from oppression, and punish the wickedness of men folk who violate the chivalric code. Thus the cult often clashes with slave traders, and slave owners. But anyone who mistreats a women is going to be a target of the cult.

This Compass Point depicts the surface entrance and underground passages that make up the underground lair of the Cult of the Iron Mask, while also providing Non-player Character tokens and object tokens to help a Game Master flesh out the adventure Site. The PDF Guide to the site details each chamber, passage, and trap in the underground lair, while also providing a wealth of ready to use Game Master Narrative text bubbles and NPC stats.


So what else have I been up too that you might not know about. There is the Fantasy Furniture token pack I released a few months ago. This token pack aims to give Game Masters access to a standard range of furniture that can be used to flesh out a wide range of fantasy settings, such as a tavern, medieval house, wizards tower, or even a dark dungeon.


The pack contains a wealth of 3D rendered object tokens, all of which are rendered to the same scale of all Studio WyldFurr tokens and maps: One character square of 180 pixels, equals 5ft. But don't forget that there is the Mystery of the Gnome Crystal Mine Compass Point and a range of other token packs out there too.

While I've also started working on a new Compass Point, the Folly of Silenus. A magical wizards maze to a fantastic treasure! As a sneak peek here is a downloadable map to one of the chambers inside the maze. The map is a work in progress as the floor needs a little more work and the walls are missing.


That is all for the moment, thanks for taking the time to read through my post.

- Tailz

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