Token Refresh on Client Issues

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Token Refresh on Client Issues

Post by Midhir » Tue Mar 04, 2014 2:09 pm


I just recently purchased the GM client and 2 floating licenses and I'm running into an issue. I've used several VTT programs in the past (KloogeWerks, Fantasy Grounds, d20Pro, Epic Table) and this is the first time I've seen this kind of issue.

I'm using the latest beta build (1.8b) and the GM & Player PCs are Duel Core (3Ghz) machines with 4Gb & 2Gb respectively. They are connected to the same switch @1Gigabit. Both Running Windows 7 Pro.

I have a map using FOW (set at the lowest quality) and I'm seeing long pauses on the Player's session when tokens are moved by the GM. It can take over 10 seconds before the tokens move on their screen. The reverse seems to work fine. If the PCs move an icon it refreshes on the GM's screen in a reasonable time.

Now take and move several NPCs by the GM and change their facing and you are looking in upwards of 30 seconds before they a jump in to place on the Player's PC (no smooth sliding) and in some instances the base gets stuck at a point along the path the token travels and won't sync up with the token where it was moved to.

I did have Skype running on the players PC and read something about that causing issues so I turned that off and it did not seem to have any positive effect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Our last game session I had to go back to d20Pro but I hate the way it limits the token scale. I don't need any combat tracking, just good old tokens on map and I love the way the Battlegrounds tokens can be sized and the quality.

Also a couple tokens had Darkvision, light spell and torches with Dynamic FOW enabled.

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Re: Token Refresh on Client Issues

Post by heruca » Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:43 am

Does it matter if the GM does a quick move-and-release of a token versus a slow, meandering, overlong drag?

It is to be expected that moving many tokens at once will cause them to simply appear at their destination all at once rather than animate smoothly into place. I think the sliding effect only activates when moving a single token.

The large and numerous light sources might be causing some sort of slowdown that is causing your troubles. As a quick test, try disabling Darkvision and large light sources and then dragging tokens around, and see if performance improves (at least then we would know the cause, and can work to improve performance). Also, try moving tokens with the number hotkeys (using the movement guide) rather than via click-and-drag, to see if that behaves any better. Please let me know the results.
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