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Component Size Issue

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 6:46 pm
by Mr Crumbly

I'm running a registered copy of BGE, using version 1.5. I've created 5 images to use as a health counter dropping from 4 to 0 and the only difference between them is the number in the centre, 4 to 1 and a skull representing the 0. They are all 128x128 pixels and as I used GIMP and just changed the number in the centre before exporting each image as a png file they should be identical in size.

I then go in to BGE and place a component. When I cycle through the 5 images in the folder images 0 to 3 are the same size but 4 is bigger. If I create them as separate components 4 looks bigger on the game board although its size is shown as 50% (as are the other components).

So I create another image, rename the offending image to "old health 4.png" and put the new one in the folder. Then I go into BGE, place a component and then the offending image is the same size as the others, but the new one is larger!

I want all the tokens to have the correct names, so I go back in and rename the tokens - now 4 is showing bigger again!

I've closed and re-opened BGE to see if it flushes things out but it hasn't had any effect.

Any idea what I maybe missing (apart from the hair I'm pulling out :) )

Thanks in advance - it's a brilliant program and I'm enjoying using it.



Re: Component Size Issue

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:50 pm
by Mr Crumbly

As an addendum to my earlier post, I tried another set of components in a different folder and had the same situation occur, this time with the first image of 25 in the folder displaying larger then the rest.

I also copied both folders to the component folder of BGE version 1.3 and they both displayed all images correctly.



Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:42 am
by heruca
Welcome, Mr Crumbly.

Not sure what's going on there. My first guess would have been that one of your graphics was a larger native size, but it's clear from your description of how you created the graphics that that is not the case.

Try this:
1. Host a game session, just to have access to the chat window.
2. Use the ResizeAll command (see pg. 87 of the BGE User Manual) to set all of the tokens to the same size (50%, I assume).
3. Cycle through the tokens on the component to see if the issue is fixed.

If it isn't, email me your ".bge" Game File and the graphics you are using, and I'll see if I can figure it out.

One other thing to try:
1. If by chance you had previously imported an accidentally oversized graphic, be sure to use the Purge Media panel to get rid of it (DON'T do a "Purge All" by mistake!).
2. Do a Batch Import on your folder of graphics to easily re-import the graphic you just purged.

Re: Component Size Issue

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:31 am
by Mr Crumbly
Hi Heruca,

Thanks for the quick response.

The Resize All function didn't resolve the problem. It caused the application to hang or changed the relative sizes but left one token still larger than the others.

The Purge Media and Batch Import, however, sorted the issue! I tried it on the second image that was exhibiting the same symptoms and on import the size was corrected on that one as well. I am now a happy camper!

Thanks very much for your help.