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Unit Settings

Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2006 9:11 am
by Omnidon
Relevant to BRPG version: 1.07

Features related to the creation and properties of units (figures & objects) will be in this thread.

(Many suggestions were moved here from another thread.)
  • Custom Bases
    Many users wish to be able to choose custom artwork for their figure bases.
  • Save as Default
    The function that was previously named "Save as Default" is now called "Apply to All".
    It will update any previous instances of that unit graphic with the current settings and will make those settings the default for future instances.

    This feature should be separated into two distinct features.
    1. An "Apply to All" feature that updates previous instances
    2. A true "Save as Default" feature that will set the default for future instances.
  • Status Effects
    Users should be able to easily use variations of their tokens to display their units in a variety of poses and conditions, such as Prone or Sneaking.
    See Status Effects.
  • Unit Manager
    It quickly gets too cluttered. A table-based unit manager that will allow nice features will be added eventually.
    This table should allow custom unit categories and properties for easy sorting.
  • Hide to Player
    It will eventually be possible to selectively hide certain units to certain players while leaving them visible to other players.
    For a related (more advanced) feature, see Perception Attributes.
  • Note Files
    It should be possible to save and load unit notes to and from files.
  • Global Unit Defaults
    An ability to set the global defaults for unit creation. (Example: All units default to 150% size.)
    There should be an option whether or not to override previously assigned defaults when doing this.