Permissions & Privileges

A list maintained by Omnidon to provide a recap of all user-submitted feature requests for BRPG.
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Permissions & Privileges

Post by Omnidon » Thu Nov 30, 2006 6:39 am

Relevant to BRPG version: 1.3

Note that anything marked with * would require a GM license.
  • What are Permissions?
    For purposes of this topic, permissions grant the privileges to perform specific actions in BRPG.

    For example, in order to delete units, you must have permission to do so.
  • Permission Presets
    There are currently only two sets of permissions in BRPG:
    There is the Host, who is also the Game Master and has all privileges, then there is the Player, who has limited privileges to chat and move specific units.

    At the very least, there should eventually be a way to grant different sets of permissions to users, including the following:
    1. Host GM*
      All privileges.
    2. Host Player
      Privileges to assign Full GMs, end the session, and change the game settings in addition to those of a Power Player.
      (To allow those without GM licenses to host.)
    3. Full GM*
      All privileges except ending the session or assigning Full GMs.
    4. Assistant GM / Adversary Player*
      Privileges to control, place, & delete units, but not to change the map or game settings.
    5. Power Player
      Privileges to control all aspects of assigned PCs.
    6. Normal Player
      Privileges to control only limited aspects of assigned PCs.
  • Custom Permissions
    Ideally, it would be possible to completely customize the permissions of each user, in addition to being able to create and save presets.

    Here I will compile a list of various privileges that should be assignable if a custom permissions feature is added.
    Below each privilege is listed the variables that could potentially be selected.
    1. (List Under Construction)

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