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Fog of War

Posted: Sat Jul 08, 2006 1:50 am
by Omnidon
Relevant to BRPG version: 1.3

BRPG boasts a far more powerful Fog of War feature than most if not all Virtual Tabletops, and further improvement is in the works.
  • What is Fog of War?
    The term "fog of war", made popular by Carl von Clausewitz in his book On War in 1832, refers to the cloud of uncertainty that descends over a battlefield once fighting begins.

    In BRPG it refers to the ability of the program to hide portions of the map that the player character should not be able to see, due to darkness, distance, walls, or actual fog.

    Most VTs include the ability to manually mask off portions of the map, but BRPG has dynamic fog of war, which automatically reveals the map within the character's sight range.
  • Line of Sight -- Confirmed v2 feature
    An advanced feature that some modern video games have but that certainly has never been seen in the VT market is Line of Sight.

    This is the idea that walls can truely be recognized by the software as things that stop light, so an area on the other side of the wall will not be revealed until the character goes through the door.

    In BRPG it would still require that you indicate where the walls are on the map, but it would save a lot of time during a gaming session since manual masking and unmasking would no longer be necessary.

    This is a very difficult feature to implement, but it has been suggested many times and many are eagerly awaiting its arrival in BRPG v2.
    Line of sight has been discussed -here-.
  • Textured Fog of War
    The fog of war in BRPG originally had a textured appearance, but that feature was removed due to technical difficulties.

    heruca does hope to bring it back eventually, with the added option of using custom textures.
  • Custom Sight Range
    It should be possible to customize the sight range of a character and the strength of a light source from within BRPG.
    It is currently only possible by editing text files within the BRPG folder.
  • Cells vs. Pixels
    Currently the fog of war determines sight range / reveal distance based on a number of cells. This is to accommodate rulesets that use the grid.

    However, since BRPG is meant to cater to all gaming systems, it would good to also have the ability to specify sight range in pixels. This would allow Fog of War to be adjusted when the grid is disabled and Snap to Grid is turned off.

    There is a discussion thread about Cells vs. Pixels: ... .php?t=560
  • Masking/Reveal Tool Retention Preference
    Some people feel that, intuitively, all masking tools should be turned off once the FoW panel (or, similarly, the drawing tools panel) is closed. However, users with low resolution might want to close the panel while they're drawing in order to get more work room.
    To account for this, there should be a preferences setting that determines how the drawing tools behave when the panels are closed. A checkbox like this would work:
    [x] Maintain cursor mode after associated panel is closed.

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2006 7:00 am
by Omnidon

Poll reset
(Now that a form of masking / unmasking has been added)

Posted: Sun May 20, 2007 5:37 pm
by heruca
Omnidon: Time for a poll reset, now that the FoW feature has been enhanced?

Posted: Sun May 20, 2007 7:16 pm
by Omnidon
Yeah I just tried it out ;-)
Very nice. Normally I don't update the summaries for beta versions, but this is a big step.

Poll reset.
(Masking / Unmasking drawing tools added)

Posted: Tue May 22, 2007 7:20 pm
by heruca
Omnidon wrote:Poll reset.
(Masking / Unmasking drawing tools added)
That means everyone needs to vote again, people. :P