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BGE v1.2 beta released

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 1:17 pm
by heruca
BGE v1.2 is now available for download. It is to be considered in beta status for the time being.

The main features of this update are:
¢ Added a "Shuffle Locations" command, which shuffles the on-screen locations of all the currently-selected units
¢ Bug fixes

The format for Game Files and Deployments has not changed since v1.0.

This is a Full Install. A patch version is available below.

Download BGE v1.2 here:
Windows version (49.0 MB)
Mac version (50.0 MB)

For convenience, BGE v1.2 is also available as a patch for BGE v1.1. You must already have BGE v1.1 installed in order to use this patch.

BGE v1.2 Patch for Mac & Windows (5.7 MB)

How to "install" this patch: Unzip the downloaded file, then simply move the included files into the corresponding BGE v1.1 folders, overwriting the existing files when prompted.


Although a ReadMe file with the information below is contained in the BGE v1.2 download, some people might find it useful to see the changes prior to downloading the zip file.

Version History:

¢ Added a "Shuffle Locations" command to the "Arrange" submenu of a multi-unit selection's contextual popup menu. Selecting this command will shuffle the on-screen locations of all the currently-selected units. This feature should come in handy for games that use a randomly-generated game board composed of component tiles or cards (e.g., flash cards in a memory game).
¢ Bug fix: When mousing over units without any unit/s selected, unit portraits were sometimes not being displayed in the upper right corner of the map window if the mouse cursor was moved from one unit to another without ever passing over the game board or a component set to "Tile" first.
¢ Bug fix: Double quotes ( " ) can no longer be typed into a unit's Notes. Doing so would make Game Files and/or Deployment files unreadable to BGE.
¢ Bug fix: The chat input field on the Chat window was sometimes receiving Paste events even when BGE was not the active application and the Chat window was not the active window.
¢ Bug fix: When a media asset with a file name over 27 characters (not counting the file type extension) was imported into BGE, the asset would not be found when needed.

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:56 pm
by heruca
In order to try to keep the BGE documentation as up-to-date and complete as possible, I have uploaded a new Addendum to the BGE User Manual. It now covers all the changes and feature additions made up through BGE v1.2.

Download your copy from the Downloads page, and place it in your BGE root folder.