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BRPG v1.7a beta released

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 2:06 pm
by heruca
BRPG v1.7a is now available for download. It is to be considered in beta status for the time being.

The main features of this update are:
¢ Improvements to the speed and reliability of peer-to-peer map transfers
¢ The GM can now remotely purge a player's map, to force a re-transfer of the map
¢ Bug fixes

The format for Encounters and Deployments has not changed since v1.6m.

BRPG v1.7a is currently only available as a patch for v1.7. You must already have v1.7 installed in order to use this patch.

BRPG v1.7a Patch for Mac & Windows (5.8 MB)

How to "install" this patch: Unzip the downloaded file, then simply move the included files into the corresponding BRPG v1.7 folders, overwriting the existing files when prompted.


Although a ReadMe file with the information below is contained in the v1.7a download, some people might find it useful to see the changes prior to downloading the zip file.

Version History:

¢ Added a means of disabling the "Roll Dice Macro..." button on the map window.
¢ Added a "Purge Player's Map" command which allows the GM to remotely purge a player's map graphic. This command can be issued to all the connected players at once, or to an individual player. The purpose of this command is to trigger a fresh peer-to-peer map transfer if a previous peer-to-peer map transfer resulted in an unusable map.
¢ Added a "Select None" command, accessed via the hotkey [Shift-Control-A] on Windows and [Shift-Command-A] on Mac. Selecting this command will deselect any currently selected units.
¢ An alert is now displayed if the "Import Encounter Assets" command for some reason (e.g., low RAM) fails to import all the media needed from a media asset bundle.
¢ Change: Following a "Save As..." operation, if the original Encounter was linked to a media asset bundle, the link will be severed in the newly-created Encounter, and the user will be warned of this.
¢ Peer-to-peer map transfers are now faster than before.
¢ Bug fix: Attempting to send a Visual Aid to a particular user was not working properly; everyone would receive it.
¢ Bug fix: The link to the media asset bundle was not getting saved in Encounters after exporting a media asset bundle.
¢ Bug fix: Mousing over a figure with a portrait was briefly clearing the FoW mask.
¢ Bug fix: The "Select All" command was not highlighting selected figures with white halos.
¢ Bug fix: Fixed an issue that was causing black map rows to appear on some player clients' screens.
¢ Bug fix: The Help screen was appearing uncentered in the map window the first time the program was launched on a given hard drive (or with a given executable name).
¢ Bug fix: Media asset bundles were not auto-loading on connected player clients when an Encounter that used a media bundle was loaded.

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 2:10 pm
by heruca
You will notice that the ReadMe file in this release is much shorter than the one included in prior releases. This is because I removed all the release notes pertaining to BRPG v1.6m or older, since this material is already covered in the updated User Manual.

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:28 am
by Kepli
Excellent ... :)