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Dead of Night Boardgame

Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:23 pm
by heruca

Game Summary:
Two to six players must survive a zombie onslaught until dawn. The game can be played cooperatively or competitively. Can also be played solo, using automatic zombie movement rules.

Estimated Playing Time:
2-3 hours (use of VOIP is highly recommended for online games)

Complexity Level:

About the Game:
"Dead of Night" is a free Print-and-Play boardgame by Simon Spearing. It was originally released in 2007. For more information on the original game, click here.

Like Zombie Plague, Dead of Night is very reminiscent of the classic George Romero zombie movie, "Night of the Living Dead".

Dead of Night for BRPG (39 MB)

The above download contains everything needed to play the game (including Scenario 1) if you already have at least one GM Client license (v1.6m or higher). For multiplayer games, the extra players will need a Player Client or a GM Client. A player can also use the free BRPG Demo if the person hosting the game has a Floating License for them to use.

Installation instructions are included in the download.


Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 11:37 am
by Kepli
Cool ... :D

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:13 pm
by heruca
The following quotes are what some gamers on had to say about this game (in reference to the original printed game, of course):

"The BEST Zombie themed game hands down! Excellent design of the pieces, simple enough to grasp within a few minutes and yet deep enough feel as though you are in amongst the living dead fighting for your life."

"A zombie game that you really feel as if you are stuck with no way out. It is a zombie game done right."

"Possibly the best Zombie game in existence. Leaps and bounds ahead of any of the commercially available zombie themed games."

"It is by far one of the best themed games I've ever played, with tension, hundreds of zombies, and real moments of triumph and high drama."

"This zombie game is almost a simulation of what a zombie attack would be like. It has cool mechanics and makes you and your friends really have to work together to make it out alive."

Posted: Sat May 01, 2010 10:46 pm
by heruca
Here are some screenshots of what the game looks like. Click on the images to view them at full size.



If the scale of the figures looks a little "off" in the above pictures, it's because the game allows up to four zombies to occupy a single square, so I had to shrink all the figures uniformly to keep it from looking like the zombies were midgets compared to the humans. :lol:

Tokens on character cards are how players keep track of their inventories.

Posted: Sat May 21, 2011 3:12 pm
by heruca
I have uploaded a new version of the Dead of Night zip file linked to in the opening post. This new version adds support for BRPG v1.6m, taking advantage of new features such as Views and antialiasing.

I also fixed a problem I discovered in the original release, which would cause a fatal error if you tried to access the Reference item on some of the dice macros (because the needed assets were missing from the media bundle).

had to do this the "hard" way...

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2012 9:32 pm
by Zearthling
Any bet's on who is going to win? Humans or Zombies? <<<as IF there is a difference!