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Posting on the forums has been disabled

Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2019 3:32 pm
by heruca
The spambot activity in recent weeks has been out of control, and it's becoming a full-time job keeping the forums clean and the spambot accounts pruned. I'm disabling posting on the forums, not sure for how long, until security can be beefed up. Or maybe it's a permanent shutdown of these aging forums. I'm not sure anyone is still around to care one way or the other. I am also disabling new user registrations for these forums.

Omnidon, if you see this, it's up to you to see if there's any reason to keep the forums alive, and if it's worth the effort to try to beef up the defenses against the spambots. But I think real users have been getting PMed annoyingly by spambots, and I don't want to put my customers through that, with no end in sight. Your call as to how to proceed.

Heruca, out.