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PGS playtesting

Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2006 8:58 pm
by Jixxala
Pegasus Gaming System is a new RPG system with an emphasis on flexibility and creativity. With hundreds of game systems available on the market today one may ask why do we need another?

The answer is because PGS is an indie RPG that offers things no other single system does.

Because it will be available by PDF download, with ready access to digitized charts, maps and minis at a cost much less than similar products in hardcopy.

Because the system is guaranteed to interface well with VTs like BPRPG as it was designed with VTs in mind.

PGS is currently between in-house playtesting and closed "beta" playtesting. We are accepting aplications for playtesting this system.

Everyone who is accepted to beta will recieve the PGS game book free.

You need not be an experienced gamer to beta this system, everyone is welcome to apply as we need both those who are avid gamers and those who are new to RPGs.

As of this writing the beta testers have access to the basics of character creation, including races. Most tables have been made available. GM tools are not in place yet, so near term testing will be with beta players and in-house GMs.

If you wish to learn more about PGS please visit our website, the PGS forums. If you register on the website, you may apply for beta by PMing Jixxala and I will send you the aplication.

Link to PGS open forums: ... s=6#M12540

Good gaming to you all,

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2006 12:27 am
by heruca
Sounds interesting, particularly that it was designed with VT-use in mind. Care to elaborate on what that means, exactly?

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2006 9:05 am
by Jixxala
By VT use in mind, I mean that all tables and charts will be included in .jpg format (at least, maybe .png too) so that easy exchange over a VT is possible.

Since most VTs allow for easy die rolling, and the ability to "fudge" rolls and/or show hide to different players the examples and explainations take this into account.

The learning modules will have .jpg descriptions of rooms and MoBs so that they can be sent as VAs and should also have .txt files so that they can copied into a macro for one key insertion into chat.

With luck I will be able to provide some custom defenitions for the character sheets the game requires, which are quite different from others. At this time players can edit the sheets on any word processor and return to the GM. The sheets have been designed with word processor use intended, though if printed out they could be used in face to face games as well, though they would lack the highlights for very low or very high skills.

Finally, all support products will be in digital format (since the book itself will be digital download only it makes sence that at least one of the players/GM will have a computer with internet support). Maps and digital minis will be made available. Most likely these will be through user forums, but I may make compilations such as "50 undead" for GMs available for a minimal fee.

This is one of the reasons I like BPRPG so much, it offers a reason for use of a VT even in face to face games. With a game designed with VTs in mind and a VT that allows full screen maps and visual aids the touch of a button the use of a computer could greatly enhance even face to face games.

With a great deal of experience in MMORPGs, it occurs to me that many OL players also have or had tabeltop games going. With play in MMORPG guilds people make friends from around the world, why not offer a way for them to play? These people all have computers and most are able to adopt new gaming systems (as online games all tend to have slightly different systems even if there is a table top version as well). Of course this is not all selfless, I love to play too, but I now live in a country where most people have no idea what an RPG is. That is not a hinderance of course, I like to think of it as "the market is wide open."

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2006 1:00 pm
by heruca
OMG, that sounds awesome, Jixxala! Good luck with the beta testing.