South Central, PA Rise of Runelords seeking player

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South Central, PA Rise of Runelords seeking player

Post by Shayd3000 » Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:42 pm

Group located in Fort Loudon PA (near Mercersburg, Chambersburg, Greenscastle) has an opening for one player (we will accept a couple).

We have just ended a campaign and are putting characters together to start Rise of the Runelords using PFRPG.

We are a group that's been gaming together a very long time, with the shortest term member having been with us for about 10 years. We game ever other Sunday (next game is January 23) starting at NOON and ending anytime between 5PM - 7PM, depending on what we are in the middle of. What we ask of anyone interested in joining us:

*Please be over 18 years of age
*Serious about joining a long term campaign. If you can't make all the games (yes we do miss one or two each year) please do not apply.
*Has not played in Rise of the Runelords (you can have played in other adventure paths, but in that case you may be asked to run them if the group selects one of the ones you have played for a future campaign).
*Note we are not looking for a GM (except see above).
*You do not have to own the PF books, but if you do, only legal copies of anything please. We do not permit or tolerate illegal copies of software or books and will ask you to leave if we determine you are using them.
*Allow us to meet you at a session before committing to you being in our group. I know it sounds elitist, but we have been together a long time, and wish to meet folks and decide if they will mesh with us before committing. If you think you will have hurt feelings if we do not ask you to join, please don't apply.
*We are all adults, we like to have fun, but we are serious about playing the story. Rules Lawyers, Player vs. GM mentality types, Min-Maxers need not apply.
*Our games tend to focus on the good vs. evil side of things.

I know that is a lot. We love getting together to play and socialize, and would love to have someone join us, so the above is an attempt to describe who is the right person (or couple) for us.

If you are interested please email me....


Note we are about....

45 minutes from Hagerstown, MD
25 minutes from Chambersburg, PA
10 minutes from Mercersburg, PA
25 minutes from Greencastle, PA
90 minutes from Harrisburg, PA

Thanks for reading!

...and YES.....I am using Battlegrounds for tactical combat and exploration....but do not need to own a laptop!

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