Really want to join a d&d3.5 game!

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Really want to join a d&d3.5 game!

Post by Huli » Mon Nov 10, 2008 12:18 pm

Well I've had a BG GM client for a year now but have never had a chance to actually play. I have played 3.5 offline for about 7 yrsso I know that game ver well. I have mostly dmed for that time and would really like to joing a game where I didn't have to anymore. I am really easily adapted to new/different rules so your house rules will not be a problem. I love to really get into my character and get a good session out each time. If you are looking for anyone, or have a spot open please send me an email. Thanks.

[edit] I am located in the Pacific Time zone. And also I would like to say that I am almost desperate for a game. I feel the creativity draining out of me each day and need something to stimulate my imagination. So please if you have any opening give me a thought. :) Thanks.
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Post by Balesir » Tue Nov 11, 2008 6:46 am

Hi, Huli,

It would be useful if you put where you are - or, at least, what time zone? BRPG players are worldwide, and it's very possible that some games run while you are at work/asleep - but some might not!

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